Final Results

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In creating my wood theme, I did the minimum necessary to show what can be done. Figure 15.5 shows Firefox before I created and installed my theme.

Figure 15.5. This is Firefox with the default theme installed.

After I created my wooden theme, I created a JAR file and installed it in Firefox. Once installed, I then made it the active theme by clicking Use Theme at the bottom of the Themes dialog box (see Figure 15.6).

Figure 15.6. Firefox's Themes dialog box shows both my theme (selected, but not yet in use) and the default theme.

After I made wood the current theme, I needed to restart Firefox. Once restarted, I was using my new wood theme (see Figure 15.7).

Figure 15.7. This is Firefox with the new wood theme installed.

You have now completed your theme. Like any good wood product, it will need sanding, polishing, updating, and additions before it is ready to publish.

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