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You need to have images for backgrounds. In my example, I used wood that I'd digitally scanned into the computer. (Using a scanner creates better-quality images if the source is reasonably flat.)

I started with three scans. I had two samples of wood (one was not real wood, but a laminate product) that I scanned. The scans I liked best were the scans of some teak I had. I adjusted the color balance to bring out the grain some, but otherwise the scans were usable without serious editing.

My theme has seven general wood images:

  • Page_wood.gif A background for the browser's display area. It is almost always covered by browser content (for example, web pages).

  • Vertical_wood.gif A vertical band of wood, 70 x 1020 in size.

  • Menubar_wood.gif Used as background in menu bars and toolbars.

  • treecol_wood.gif Used for tree view backgrounds.

  • Dark_wood.gif A darker version of treecol_wood.gif.

  • Dialogheader_wood.gif Used as a dialog box header.

  • Button_wood.gif A 64 x 65 image used with buttons.

It was necessary to work with about 16 CSS files, adding the background-image attribute lines.

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