Living Without Spam

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After you have configured your junk mail filters, the Bayesian word lists have been created, and things are moving along smoothly, you might begin to notice something.

You probably won't be getting as much spam as before.

Well, first, don't panic. This is the way things were back in 1994 before spam became the king of the Internet. Back then, when you got an email, it was significant it was meant for you and was something you wanted. Today, with our modern antispam tools, we can get almost back to the good old days. You will never eliminate all the spam, but you can certainly minimize the quantity you have to see.

After it's fully set up and running, current estimates are that Thunderbird's junk mail filter can catch as much as 99% of the spam that is sent to you. For many of us, that means we might see one, perhaps two, spam emails a day.

I can live with those numbers.

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