The X-Factor

by Bill Love

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After Effects 6.5 Pro adds some REALLY cool software as far as networked rendering goes. We've only just begun to play with the new X-Factor developed by GridIron Software. But its results are impressive. It allows you to gang up to 3 machines together to tackle a tough render. It even allows you to gang machines up for preview purposes.

Few things to keep in mind:

  • We've seen results nearly three-times faster by using three comparable machines.

  • The software is well documented and easy to set-up . It uses a peer-to-peer approach with no administration, configuration, or management needed,

  • You can buy more licenses if you want to go beyond the three machine limit.

  • On a Mac, you must install XLR8 must be installon the same hard drive as After Effects.

  • Don't have footage items with the same filename. Even if they reside in different directories, it wil cause problems when rendering.

  • You can even take a few older machines and add to your render station. Just get the machines configured and then leave them waiting to help.

  • You'll get better results using Ethernet networks rather than wireless, but both work.

  • Be sure to check out Adobe's help documentation as well as GridIron Software for more information ( ).

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