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after effects on the spot: time-saving tips & shortcuts from the pros
After Effects on the Spot: Time-Saving Tips & Shortcuts From the Pros
byRichard Harrington, Rachel MaxandMarcus Geduld ISBN:1578202396
CMP Books 2004 (288 pages)

Motion graphics artists of all experience levels will find the solutions they need in an accessible format to build better compositions, animate with audio, dazzle clients with Visual FX, and much much more.

Table of Contents
After Effects on the Spot”Time-Saving Tips & Shortcuts from the Pros
Chapter 1 - Off to a Good Start”Mastering AE's interface
Chapter 2 - Animation Assistance”Using Keyframe Assistants and Generators
Chapter 3 - Master of Time”Getting Results in the Timeline
Chapter 4 - AE in 3D”Working in 3D Space
Chapter 5 - Type-Oh”Great Titles with AE's new Text Engine
Chapter 6 - Key Solutions”Advanced Keying with Keylight
Chapter 7 - Sounds Good”Using Audio in your Comps
Chapter 8 - Visual FX”Effects you'll want
Chapter 9 - Blend for Success”Using Blending Modes for Advanced Results
Chapter 10 - Painting the Town”Getting more from AE's new paint tools
Chapter 11 - Managing Assets”Importing and Organizing Your Footage
Chapter 12 - Masks and Mattes”Using Layers to Hide (and Add)
Chapter 13 - Express Yourself”Harnessing the Power of Expressions
Chapter 14 - AE and DVD”Creating Still and Motion Menus with After Effects
Chapter 15 - How to Beat the Render Queue”Advanced Render Strategies to Save Time
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After Effects On the Spot[c] Time-Saving Tips and Shortcuts from the Pros
After Effects On the Spot[c] Time-Saving Tips and Shortcuts from the Pros
ISBN: 1578202396
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