Saving and Sharing Themes

While building our custom theme so far, we have been saving it as a presentation file. You can save the modifications you have made as a new custom theme. Saving a theme allows you to apply the formatting to another existing presentation or create an entirely new presentation based on your custom theme. The theme you have been working on so far is ready to be saved as a custom theme.


With the file 05Desert Theme Design open, choose File > Save Theme.

A sheet opens with the default Themes folder selected to store custom themes.


Name your theme Desert Theme. Then click Save to save the theme.

The theme file is written to your Themes folder and will appear in the Theme Chooser when you launch the program or activate the Theme Chooser.

It's a good idea to duplicate the custom theme to back it up or share with other users.


Follow this path to find your custom theme: Macintosh HD > Users > (User folder) > Library > Application Support > iWork > Keynote > Themes.

You'll back up your Keynote theme file by copying it to your Documents folder.


Select the file Desert Theme.kth; then hold down the Option key and drag the file to the Documents folder shortcut in the Themes window. When a plus symbol appears, release the mouse to copy the file.

The file is now backed up. You can also share it with other users.


Close the Desert Theme Design file.

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