Rehearsing the Presentation

Before giving a presentation, you'll often want to practice. This allows you to work out timing and flow issues as well as grow more comfortable with your slides. When giving your Keynote presentation, you have the option of using the presenter display. This arrangement places a timer plus speaker notes and other useful information such as the next slide all on one screen. Keynote allows you to practice your presentation and simulate the Presenter Display even without a projector hooked up.


Choose Keynote > Preferences to open the Preferences dialog box.


Click the Presenter Display icon to display the Presenter Display pane.


Enable any of the following options that you find useful:

Alternate Display: This option allows the presenter's view to show up on a laptop or second computer monitor (not the projector).

Show Current Slide: Displays the active slide.

Show Next Slide: Shows the next build or slide in the presentation.

Show Notes: Displays any speaker notes if you have added them.

Show Clock: Shows the current time of day.

Show Timer: Allows you to count down from a specific time (if you have a limit) or show how much time has passed since the start of your presentation.

Show Ready to Advance indicator: A green bar means the next build or animation is loaded and ready for playback. A red bar means you should wait before clicking.


Close the Preferences window.


Select slide 1 in the slide organizer.


Choose View > Rehearse Slideshow.

You can now rehearse your slides. You can click the spacebar to advance the presentation.


In the Presenter Display view, you cannot see animations such as transitions or builds. It is always a very good idea to also rehearse your slideshow by simply running it in normal mode. Choose View > Play Slideshow.

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