Replacing the Content of a Slide

While building a presentation, you may need to replace the content of a slide with new information. This is especially common when working on a group presentation. New slide content may be provided in several forms. One common form is as a Microsoft Word file. Although Keynote cannot open a Word document, you can open it using Pages.

Pages is included with the iWork suite, and it is designed for word processing and page layout tasks. We will explore Pages in great depth later in this book. For now, we'll use it just to convert a table contained in a Word document into a format we can use.


Launch the Pages application (you can do this by clicking its icon in the Dock or launching it from your Application folder). The Template Chooser appears with a list of available Pages templates.


Click the Open an Existing File button.


Navigate to the project folder for the lesson and open the file 04Table.doc.

The file opens in Pages as an untitled document. The original Word document is untouched on your hard drive.


Select the table by single-clicking it and copy it to the clipboard (Command-C).


Switch back to Keynote.


Select slide 7 in the slide organizer.

You're going to replace the table on the slide with the table you just selected in Pages.


Select the current table on the slide and press Delete.


Choose Edit > Paste to add the new table.

The new table needs to be sized and modified.


Drag the table to position it on the page. Drag the table's corners to adjust its size.


Select the Font panel and change the point size to 24 points.


Select the Slide Inspector and click Transition. Then choose the following options:

  • Effect: 3D Effects: Swoosh

  • Duration: 2.00 s


Press Command-S to save your document.

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