Outlining the Presentation

When building a presentation, many users choose to jump right in and start creating slides. They add text, artwork, and animation one slide at a time. While this approach is valid, many experienced presenters strongly favor creating an outline first.

A presentation is often more coherent when you build it in stages. Think of the process as being similar to building a house. Sure, you could build and finish one room at a time, but most contractors like to start with blueprints, then build a frame, and then move forward from there.

Keynote has a robust outline view, and it is an excellent tool for setting up the content of your presentation. You are going to create a multi-slide presentation using the outline view.


In the toolbar, click the View button.


Choose Outline view from the list that appears.

As you work with a presentation, you will often change your view to better suit specific tasks.

To make more room for typing, you can expand the slide organizer.


Move your cursor over the resize handle at the bottom of the slide organizer.

The cursor changes to a resize cursor.


Drag to the right to expand the viewable area for your slide organizer.

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