Organizing and Refining Your Photos (iLife Bonus Lesson)

Appendix. Organizing and Refining Your Photos (iLife Bonus Lesson)

In this book, we've scratched the surface of what you can do with iLife '06. For those who want to delve deeper into the iLife suite of applications, we've included a bonus iLife '06 chapter on the DVD.

Excerpted from Apple Training Series: iLife '06 by Michael Rubin, the sample chapter focuses on iPhoto and photography and covers how to:

  • Make custom albums of photographs

  • Organize your photographs within albums and folders

  • Improve and adjust the look of your photographs

To get started, open Bonus Lessons > iLife Lesson 3. You'll find the lesson as a PDF file and a folder containing the media you'll need to complete the lesson.

If you enjoy the sample chapter, you can order Apple Training Series: iLife '06, or get a complete list of Apple Pro Training Series titles by visiting

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