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Ask any comedian what makes for good humor, and youll find out that embarrassing others is number one on their list. When someone else is embarrassed, the onlookers often get a good belly laugh , and the comedian looks good in their eyes. How can you turn your most humbling experience into laughter ? Think back on a time when you were trying too hard to impress someonedid it work? You may have even made the other party giggle at your failed attempts at getting his or her attention. How would you do things differently now, knowing that humility is much more impressive than arrogance ?

Where there is patience and humility, there is neither strife nor anger. Humility cant walk with ego, which stands for E dging G od O ut. In order to be humble , youve got to get yourself out of the way and focus on other people. Once you start taking the attention away from yourself, youll realize that your needs arent the only ones that count and youll be able to more effectively meet the needs of others.

In your quiet time, think about your most humbling experience. Why it was so humbling? What did you learn from it? Now that you know how much more effective humility is rather than pride when it comes to impressing other people, find out how you can bring that attitude into more of your daily interactions.

Attitude Is Everything for Success
Attitude Is Everything for Success
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