Believe It

Everyone experiences self-doubt or dissatisfaction at different times. One period in my life particularly stands out. During my freshman year in college, my basketball team had a poor season , winning only 5 games and losing 17a personal worst for me. Up to that point, Id never looked at myself as a loser, but my confidence started to wane dramatically during this time. I doubted my skills and my ability to play well, and I became so depressed that I questioned whether life was even worth living. My whole identity was tied up in basketball.

The summer after that horrible freshman year, I decided to turn things around by practicing, working hard on the fundamentals of the game, and looking ahead to the upcoming season. As a result, I pulled myself out of my slump. I realized that I couldnt do anything about the past, but I could make a difference in the future. By taking the necessary steps to improve my game, I was able to rebuild my self-esteem. It was just a matter of doing my part to boost myself back upand realizing that nobody else could do it for me.

Attitude Is Everything for Success
Attitude Is Everything for Success
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