15.9 Security Considerations for URLConnections


URLConnection objects are subject to all the usual security restrictions about making network connections, reading or writing files, and so forth. For instance, a URLConnection can be created by an untrusted applet only if the URLConnection is pointing to the host that the applet came from. However, the details can be a little tricky because different URL schemes and their corresponding connections can have different security implications. For example, a jar URL that points into the applet's own jar file should be fine. However, a file URL that points to a local hard drive should not be.

Before attempting to connect a URL, you may want to know whether the connection will be allowed. For this purpose, the URLConnection class has a getPermission() method:

 public Permission getPermission( ) throws IOException// Java 1.2 

This returns a java.security.Permission object that specifies what permission is needed to connect to the URL. It returns null if no permission is needed (e.g., there's no security manager in place). Subclasses of URLConnection return different subclasses of java.security.Permission . For instance, if the underlying URL points to www.gwbush.com , getPermission( ) returns a java.net.SocketPermission for the host www.gwbush.com with the connect and resolve actions.

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