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IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority)
        character sets registered with
        MIME types for XSLT stylesheets
        character sets
        XSL Formatting Objects Composer
ID attribute type
        default for
        generate-id ( )
        in element type declarations
        only one per element type
        values must be unique
        in XPointer shorthand pointers
ID type
id( ) function (XPath) 2nd 3rd
IDL (Interface Definition Language) and DOM 2nd
IDREF attribute type
        in element type declarations
        matching IDs in document
IDREF type
IDREFS attribute type
        in element type declarations
IE [See Internet Explorer]
if element
ignorable whitespace
IGNORE directive
illegal characters (Unicode)
image modules (XHTML DTD)
import element 2nd 3rd
importNode( ) (Document)
inbound links
INCLUDE directive
include elements
        example document containing
        xi:fallback child element
                encoding attribute
                href attribute
                xpointer attribute
        xs:include 2nd
inclusive min and max facets
INDEX_SIZE_ERR exception (DOM)
Indian subcontinent, languages from
inline areas (XSL-FO)
inline elements (CSS display property)
inputEncoding attribute (DOM)
InputSource class (SAX)
insertBefore( ) (Node)
insertData( ) (CharacterData)
instance documents
        associating schema information with
        complex types and
        controlling namespace qualification
        derived types in
        empty elements and
        namespace issues with
        schema, attributes attached to elements in
        substitution groups and
int type
integer type
Interface Definition Language (IDL) and DOM 2nd
                mapping to specific languages
        DOM Core
                corresponding to node-type values
                generic vs. specific interfaces
                hierarchy of
                Node and other generic interfaces
                specific node-type
        DOM Level 3
        SAX 2nd
                extension package
internal DTD subsets 2nd
        general entity references and
        parameter entity references and 2nd
        XML specification for
internal general entities
International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) Extensions Unicode block
        character references
       character sets
        character-set metadata
        converting between character sets
        default character set, XML documents
        encoding declaration
        ISO character sets
        platform-dependent character sets
        xml:lang attribute
Internationalized Resource Identifier (IRI)
        URIs and URLs vs.
Internet Assigned Numbers Authority [See IANA]
Internet Explorer (IE)
        direct display of XML in
        MSXML XSLT processor
        support for XHTML
        text/xsl MIME type
        XHTML, support of
        XSLT, lack of support for
intrinsic events module (XHTML DTD)
invalid XML documents 2nd
IOException class
IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) Extensions Unicode block
IRI (Internationalized Resource Identifier)
        URIs and URLs vs.
isDerivedFrom( ) (TypeInfo)
ISO character sets
ISO-10646-UCS-2 encoding 2nd
ISO-10646-UCS-4 encoding
ISO-2022-JP encoding
ISO-3166 (Codes for the Representation of Names of Countries)
ISO-639 (Codes for the Representation of Names of Languages)
ISO-8859-1 encoding 2nd 3rd
        vs. Cp1252 Windows character set
ISO-8859-10 encoding 2nd
ISO-8859-11 encoding 2nd
ISO-8859-12 encoding
ISO-8859-13 encoding 2nd
ISO-8859-14 encoding 2nd
ISO-8859-15 encoding 2nd
ISO-8859-16 encoding 2nd
ISO-8859-2 encoding 2nd
ISO-8859-3 encoding 2nd
ISO-8859-4 encoding 2nd
ISO-8859-5 encoding 2nd
ISO-8859-6 encoding 2nd
ISO-8859-7 encoding 2nd
ISO-8859-8 encoding 2nd
ISO-8859-9 encoding 2nd
isSupported( ) (Node)
item( )
Iterator design pattern


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