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ranges, grouping numbers into
RDL (Report Definition Language) files
read access to data warehouses
real-time business intelligence
     backing up
     dimensional modeling for
     importing data into data warehouse
     loading data directly
     Notification Services
    proactive caching
         notification methods
         operational overview
         snapshot isolation 2nd
     problems with multidimensional databases and data warehouses
         proactive caching as solution
     rolling partitions
rebuilding dimension tables
recovery model setting, changing
referential integrity (RI) in data warehouses
Relational OLAP (ROLAP)
     MOLAP versus
relational tables, Analysis Services databases versus
     between attributes
     between cubes and dimensions
     between dimension and fact views
     between dimensions
renaming clusters (data mining)
repeatable packages
Report Builder 2nd
report caching
Report Definition Language (RDL) files
Report Explorer web part
Report Manager 2nd
report models
Report Viewer web part
Reporting Services 2nd [See also reports.]
     accessing reports 2nd
         calculations to reports
         code to reports
         new reports
         parameters to reports
     architecture of
     as server-based
     backing up
     canceling long-running reports
     changes to reports
     database access
         reports to server
     dimensional modeling for
     drilling down reports
     drilling through reports
     end-user reporting
     interactive reports
     Report Builder
     report design 2nd
     report subscriptions
     reports in scorecard applications
         adding charts
         adding KPIs
         parameters for Analysis Services queries
     security 2nd
     subscribing to reports
     summary information
     types of reports
     web parts for adding reports to scorecard portal site
Reporting Services Configuration Manager
reports [See also Reporting Services ; scorecard applications.]
     accessing 2nd
         calculations to
         code to
         new reports
         parameters to
         to scorecard portal site
     against OLTP databases
     backing up
     building on relational tables versus Analysis Services databases
     canceling long-running reports
     changes to
     charts in
     database access
     deploying to server
     designing 2nd
     dimensional modeling for
     drilling down
     drilling through
     in scorecard applications
         adding charts
         adding KPIs
         parameters for Analysis Services queries
     integrating into Web sites
     interactive reports
     linked reports
     shared data sources
     subscribing to 2nd
     summary information
     types of
reprocessing data mining models
resource constraints
restartable packages
restoring data warehouses
restrictions on partitioned tables
RI (referential integrity) in data warehouses
ROLAP (Relational OLAP)
     MOLAP versus
role-playing dimensions
     Analysis Services security 2nd
     package security
rolling partitions in real-time business intelligence
Row Count transform
row counts, auditing data quality
rows, converting columns to
running packages
     in production
     in transactions

Practical Business Intelligence with SQL Server 2005
Practical Business Intelligence with SQL Server 2005
ISBN: 0321356985
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2007
Pages: 132

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