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name element (RSS 0.91)  
       BlogChannel module  
       declaring in root element, RSS 1.0  
       mod_admin (admin:)  
       mod_aggregation (ag:)  
       mod_audio (audio:)  
       mod_company (company:)  
       mod_content (content:)  
       mod_DCTerms (dcterms:)  
       mod_events (ev:)  
       mod_servicestatus (ss:)  
       mod_slash (slash:)  
       mod_streaming (str:)  
       mod_syndication (sy:)  
       mod_taxonomy (taxo:)  
       mod_wiki (wiki:)  
       root, RSS 2.0  
       RSS 2.0 modules  
       XML   2nd  
Nandor, Chris  
       RDF development  
       RSS 0.90  
       RSS 0.91, DTD declaration  
       RSS, launch in portal service  
Network Address Translation (NAT) systems  
NewsIsFree (RSS aggregator site)  
nodes, RDF  
number of feeds from Syndic8  

Content Syndication with RSS
Content Syndication with RSS
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