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manual transactions  
many-to-many relationships[many to many relationships  
mapping tables and columns  
MappingType enumeration   2nd  
master-detail forms   2nd   3rd  
MaxLength property  
Merge( ) method, for DataSets   2nd  
MergeFailed event  
MergeFailedEventArgs class  
MergeFailedEventHandler delegate  
       C#/Visual Basic and  
       for Connection objects  
       special index for  
methods reference
       Command class  
       CommandBuilder class   2nd  
       Connection class  
       DataAdapter class   2nd  
       DataReader class  
       DataRow class   2nd  
       DataSet class  
       DataTable class  
       DataView class  
       Transaction class   2nd  
       OLE DB .NET provider   [See OLE DB .NET provider]
       SQL Server .NET provider   [See SQL Server .NET provider]
       SQLXML data provider  
       XDR standard  
Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE)  
       connection pooling and  
       connection strings and  
Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS), automatic transactions and  
MinimumCapacity property  
MissingMappingAction enumeration   2nd  
MissingMappingAction property   2nd  
MissingPrimaryKeyException class  
MissingSchemaAction enumeration
       DataAdapter class  
       DataSet class  
       System.Data namespace  
MissingSchemaAction property   2nd  
msdata namespace   2nd  
MSDE (Microsoft Data Engine)  
       connection pooling and  
       connection strings and  
MTS (Microsoft Transaction Server), automatic transactions and  

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