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IBindingList interface  
IColumnMapping interface  
IColumnMappingCollection interface  
IDataAdapter interface  
IDataErrorInfo interface  
IDataParameter interface  
IDataParameterCollection interface  
IDataReader interface  
IDataRecord interface  
IDbCommand interface   2nd  
IDbCommand methods (list)  
IDbCommand properties (list)  
IDbConnection interface  
IDbDataAdapter interface  
IDbDataParameter interface  
IDbTransaction interface  
IEditableObject interface  
IList interface  
ImportRow( ) method  
IndexOf( ) method
       for columns  
       for tables  
InferXmlSchema( ) method   2nd  
InfoMessage event  
information schemas  
input parameters  
       stored procedures and  
InRowChangingEventException class  
INSERT statement (SQL)  
InsertAt( ) method, for rows  
InsertCommand objects   2nd  
       DataAdapters and  
InsertCommand property  
inserting records  
       C#/Visual Basic and  
       namespace quick reference and  
InternalDataCollectionBase class  
INullable interface  
InvalidConstraintException class   2nd  
InvalidExpressionException class  
IsColumnNameNull( ) method   2nd  
IsNull( ) method   2nd  
isolation levels  
IsolationLevel enumeration   2nd  
IsolationLevel property  
ITableMapping interface  
ITableMappingCollection interface  
ItemArray collection  
ItemArray property  

ADO. NET in a Nutshell
ADO.NET in a Nutshell
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