Section 48. Add Bookmarks and Your Search History to Google Personalized Home

48. Add Bookmarks and Your Search History to Google Personalized Home



Add News and Information to Google Personalized Home

Add Rss Feeds to Google Personalized Home

Reorganize Google Personalized Home

Personalized Home does more than enable you to read news, stocks, weather, and other sources of information. It also gives you access to personal information, notably your Web bookmarks and your search history.

Why bother to include your bookmarks on the page when you can get to bookmarks from your browser? Because when you put them on the Personalized Home page, you can get to them even when you're not at your own computeryou are able to get to them anywhere you can get an Internet connection.

Your search history is useful as well. You might want to run the same search regularly, for example, if you are doing research and want to see whether new information about a topic is available somewhere on the Internet.[click here]

Add Bookmarks and Your Search History to Google Personalized Home

Turn on Personalized Search

Google doesn't automatically keep a record of your search historyyou first have to tell it to do so. So before you can work with your search history, you have to enable a feature called Personalized Search.

Key Term

Personalized Search A feature of Google that keeps a record of all your searches and enables you to revisit your search history.

To turn Personalized Search on, click the My Account link at the top of a Google page; from the page that appears, click Personalized Search. You come to a login page. Type your username and password (your username might already be typed in for you) and sign in. When you sign in to Personalized Search, you turn it on. The next page gives information about the Personalized Search feature.

Return to Personalized Home.

Now that you've turned on your search history, you can add it to your Personalized Home. Go back to the Personalized Home page by clicking the Google Home link at the top of your search history page.

Click the Add Content Link

You add bookmarks and your search history to your Personalized Home page in the same way you add other types of content. Display the content pane by clicking the Add Content link in the upper-left corner of the screen.

Add Bookmarks and Search History

Your bookmarks and search history can be found in the My Stuff category. Click My Stuff to expand the list of subcategories. Then click the Add buttons next to Bookmarks and Search History. Click Close. Your search history and bookmarks are added to your Personalized Home page.


If you haven't done any searches after you've turned on Personalized Search, your Search History in Personalized Search is empty. Searches are added to that section after you do them.

Add URLs to Your Bookmarks

Google does not import bookmarks from your browser onto your Personalized Home page. You have to add them yourself. To do this, in the Bookmarks section of your page, type the URL into the Add a favorite URL box (for example, type If you want a name for this bookmark to be displayed on the page rather than the URL itself, type a name for the bookmark in the Give it a name (optional) box. Then click Add. Continue to add as many bookmarks as you want.

Save Your Bookmarks

When you're done adding bookmarks, click Save and all the bookmarks are permanently added to your page.

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