Why Use Google Tools?

Google, as mentioned previously, is more than a search engine. It provides a whole complex of sites and services that this book refers to as Google tools. These tools include things such as Gmail web service, Google Local (previously called Google Maps) search service, and Google Desktop for searching your computer.

Google is such a great search site, but why bother using Google tools? These tools are in many ways as remarkable as the Google search engine itself. Some of these tools are specialized versions of the search engine. For example, Froogle is the Google service for finding online bargains, and Google News is the service that delivers the latest news.

Other tools are extensions of Google. The Google Desktop extends Google's power to your PC, for example. And the Google Toolbar enables you to search Google no matter where you are on the Web.

Still other tools are great services for the Internet, such as Blogger, which enables you to create your own blogs; Gmail, its email service; or Google Talk, which enables you to chat with friends.

So if you're a Google user and haven't used any of its tools, this book will be your guide. And even if you have used its tools, you'll learn inside tips and secrets you didn't know before.

Google Search and Tools in a Snap
Google Search and Tools in a Snap
ISBN: 0672328690
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2007
Pages: 168

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