The class SynchronizedObject (see Figure C-13) serves as the parent class for synchronized objects. Synchronized objects incorporate a mutex-based lock mechanism, allowing them to be used concurrently by multiple threads.

SynchronizedObject includes the nested classes SynchronizationObject , which is its mutex object, and ExclusiveZone , which locks a SynchronizationObject .

SynchronizedObject belongs to the namespace CppUnit . It is declared in SynchronizedObject.h and implemented in SynchronizedObject.cpp .

Figure C-13. The base class SynchronizedObject


 class SynchronizedObject 


SynchronizedObject(SynchronizationObject *syncObject = 0)

A constructor taking a SynchronizationObject (mutex.) If syncObject is null , a new SynchronizationObject is created.

virtual ~SynchronizedObject( )

A destructor.

Public Methods


Protected/Private Methods

virtual void setSynchronizationObject(SynchronizationObject *syncObject)

Sets the SynchronizationObject .

SynchronizedObject(const SynchronizedObject &copy)

A copy constructor declared private to prevent its use.

void operator=(const SynchronizedObject &copy)

A copy operator declared private to prevent its use.


SynchronizationObject *m_syncObject

A pointer to the SynchronizationObject for this SynchronizedObject ( protected ).

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