11.1 Web Sites


The best source of up to date information about unit testing and tools is the Internet. Hundreds of sites exist, offering test tool downloads, tutorials, forums, articles, and examples. Several of the most prominent sites are described in the following list:

http://www. xprogramming .com

This site is a great resource for information about Extreme Programming. The Downloads page includes links to virtually every unit test framework and testing- related tool in existence. This is the first place to look for a test framework for a particular language or domain.


This is the home of the JUnit test framework. It is also a useful resource for other xUnits. It's the place to download JUnit and its extensions, learn how to use them, and read news and articles about new developments.


This site offers a continuous flow of current TDD-related information, including news, articles, book excerpts, and forums.


This site offers a well-organized introduction to XP, unit testing, and related topics.


This site is a hub for the Agile Development movement, offering an introduction to agile, news, articles, an index of local user groups, and more.

http://www. sourceforge .net

SourceForge.net is the home of thousands of open source software projects, including many unit testing and test-related tools. Most of these projects are found under the topic SoftwareDevelopment: Build Tools.


This is the home of CppUnit.


The home of PyUnit.


The home of XMLUnit.


This site is the home of NUnit.


O'Reilly's site is a trove of technical information about unit testing and many other software development topics, offering articles, weblogs, conferences, and (of course) books.

Unit Test Frameworks
Unit Test Frameworks
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