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Bacon, Tim
BaseView class
BaseViewTestCase class (example)
        AddBookViewTest implemented as subclass
Beck, Kent 2nd
black box tests
Book class (example)
        author attribute added
        author attribute and accessor function getAuthor( )
        C# version
        constructor modified to throw exception
        CppUnit unit tests of
        with private title attribute and getTitle( ) function
        title attribute set by constructor 2nd
        used in LibraryPerfTest
BookTest class (example) 2nd
        C++ version
        classes interacted with
        CppUnit, testing Book class
        implemented as a test fixture
        run by text TestRunner in CppUnit
        running by adding main( )
        running with TextTestRunner
BookTests class (example)
        building with multiple test methods
        failure of
business layer, GUI applications


Unit Test Frameworks
Unit Test Frameworks
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