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abstract classes
        writing unit tests for
AbstractDBConnectionTestCase class (example)
AbstractNodeTester class
AbstractTest class
        BaseViewTestCase subclass
        naming convention for classes
acceptance tests
accessor functions
actionPerformed( )
Add button, testing for Library GUI
add( ) (AddBook example class) 2nd
AddBook class (example)
        add( )
        executable class that creates dialog
        improving layout of Add Book dialog
        initial unit test for
        initial version of
addBook( ) (Library class example)
AddBookTest class (example)
AddBookView class (example)
        Add button functionality
        addControls( ) with improved layout code
        initial version of
AddBookViewTest class (example)
        implemented as subclass of BaseViewTestCase
        test of the Add button
addChild( ) (XMLElement)
addTest( )
        TestSuite class
aggregating multiple tests [See TestSuite class]
agile development
        Test Driven Development (TDD)
Apache Crimson XML parser
Apple Safari browser, performance testing of
application example [See library application]
AreEqual( ) (Assert)
Assert class
        AreEqual( ) and IsNull( )
        test assert methods , listing of
assert functions
ASSERT macros
assert_( )
assertDoubleEquals( )
assertEqual( )
assertEquals( )
        comparing Book objects
        comparing the values of two arguments
Asserter namespace (CppUnit)
assertion_traits template
AssertionFailedError class
assertNodeTestPasses( )
asserts [See also test assert methods]
        custom, defining
        excessive number in a test method
        with a message 2nd 3rd
        test method containing several (testing single behavior)
        test method with many (testing multiple behaviors)
assertTrue( ) 2nd 3rd 4th
        UnitTest class
assertXMLEqual( )
assertXMLIdentical( )
assertXMLValid( )
assertXpathExists( )
assertXpathsEqual( )
assertXpathsNotEqual( )
        combining in NUnit
        public vs. private
attribution for material from this book
AutoRegisterSuite class
AWT TestRunner


Unit Test Frameworks
Unit Test Frameworks
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