Chapter 24 -- Using Excel to Publish to the Web

Chapter 24

So far in this book, you've used Microsoft Excel to create reports, invoices, charts, lists, and pivot tables that are ready for use on your own computer or for traditional printing and paper distribution. However, using Excel 2000, you can also save your worksheets in HTML format for electronic circulation on the World Wide Web. This version of Excel introduces several new features to make this process straightforward and useful.

In this chapter, you'll learn how to prepare your worksheet so that it can be saved in HTML— or Web page— format, and you'll learn how to set special publication options that make your workbook more accessible and useful on the Internet. You'll also learn the simple commands that both save and preview completed Web pages, and you'll learn how to use Microsoft Office Web toolbars to issue Excel commands in Microsoft Internet Explorer. When you're finished, you'll have all the skills necessary to create your own Excel Web pages and distribute them on the Internet.

Running Microsoft Office 2000 Small Business
Running Microsoft Office 2000
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