Wireless Hacks, 2nd Edition

book cover
Wireless Hacks, 2nd Edition
By Rob Flickenger, Roger Weeks
Publisher: O'Reilly
Pub Date: November 2005
ISBN: 0-596-10144-9
Pages: 463

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The popularity of wireless networking has grown exponentially over the past few years, despite a general downward trend in the telecommunications industry. More and more computers and users worldwide communicate via radio waves every day, cutting the tethers of the cabled network both at home and at work.

Wireless technology changes not only the way we talk to our devices, but also what we ask them to do. With greater flexibility, broader range, and increased mobility, wireless networks let us live, work, and think differently. Wireless networks also open up a vast range of tasty new hack possibilities, from fine-tuning network frequencies to hot-rodding handhelds.

The second edition of Wireless Hacks, co-authored by Rob Flickenger and Roger Weeks, brings readers more of the practical tips and tricks that made the first edition a runaway hit, selling nearly 30,000 copies. Completely revised and updated, this version includes over 30 brand new hacks, major overhauls of over 30 more, and timely adjustments and touchups to dozens of other hacks introduced in the first edition. From passive network scanning to aligning long-distance antennas, beefing up wireless network security, and beyond, Wireless Hacks answers real-life networking needs with direct solutions.

Flickenger and Weeks both have extensive experience in systems and network administration, and share a passion for making wireless more broadly available. The authors include detailed coverage for important new changes in specifications and in hardware and software, and they delve deep into cellular and Bluetooth technologies.

Whether you need your wireless network to extend to the edge of your desk, fit into your backpack, or cross county lines, the proven techniques in Wireless Hacks will show you how to get the coverage and functionality you're looking for.

book cover
Wireless Hacks, 2nd Edition
By Rob Flickenger, Roger Weeks
Publisher: O'Reilly
Pub Date: November 2005
ISBN: 0-596-10144-9
Pages: 463

Table of Contents  | Index

      About the Authors
      Why Wireless Hacks?
      How to Use This Book
      How This Book Is Organized
      Conventions Used in This Book
      Using Code Examples
      How to Contact Us
        Chapter 1.  Bluetooth, Mobile Phones, and GPS
      Section 1.1.  Hacks 122: Introduction
      Hack 1.  Set Up Bluetooth on Linux
      Hack 2.  Set Up Bluetooth on Windows XP
      Hack 3.  Connect Mac OS X with a Bluetooth Phone
      Hack 4.  Connect Linux with a Bluetooth Phone
      Hack 5.  Connect Windows XP with a Bluetooth Phone
      Hack 6.  Use Your Treo as a Modem
      Hack 7.  Send SMS from a PowerBook
      Hack 8.  Remote Control Mac OS X with Bluetooth Phones and PDAs
      Hack 9.  Remote Control Linux with a Bluetooth Phone
      Hack 10.  Control XMMS with Bluetooth
      Hack 11.  Liven Up Parties with a Participatory Slideshow
      Hack 12.  Send SMS from Linux
      Hack 13.  Remote Control Windows with Bluetooth Phones and PDAs
      Hack 14.  Control Your Bluetooth Phone with FMA
      Hack 15.  Control Your Computer from Your Palm
      Hack 16.  Control Your Home Theater from Your Palm
      Hack 17.  Choose a Cellular Data Plan
      Hack 18.  Blog from Your Mobile Phone
      Hack 19.  Get Google Maps on Your Mobile Phone
      Hack 20.  Share Your GPS
      Hack 21.  Broadcast Your GPS Position
      Hack 22.  Map Wi-Fi Networks with Kismet and GPSd
        Chapter 2.  Network Discovery and Monitoring
      Section 2.1.  Hacks 2339: Introduction
      Hack 23.  Find All Available Wireless Networks
      Hack 24.  Discover Networks with NetStumbler
      Hack 25.  Detect Networks with Handheld PCs
      Hack 26.  Find and Join Wireless Networks with AP Radar
      Hack 27.  Detect Networks on Mac OS X
      Hack 28.  Scan Passively with KisMAC
      Hack 29.  Detect Networks with Kismet
      Hack 30.  Monitor Wireless Links in Linux with Wavemon
      Hack 31.  Analyze Traffic with Ethereal
      Hack 32.  Track 802.11 Frames in Ethereal
      Hack 33.  Watch Network Traffic
      Hack 34.  grep Your Network
      Hack 35.  Check Wi-Fi Network Performance with Qcheck
      Hack 36.  Estimate Network Performance
      Hack 37.  Get Real-Time Network Stats
      Hack 38.  Graph Your Wireless Performance
      Hack 39.  Find Radio Manufacturers by MAC
        Chapter 3.  Wireless Security
      Section 3.1.  Hacks 4051: Introduction
      Hack 40.  Stop Moochers from Stealing Your Wi-Fi Bandwidth
      Hack 41.  Visualize a Network
      Hack 42.  Secure Your Linux Network with WPA
      Hack 43.  Control Wireless Access by MAC
      Hack 44.  Authenticate Wireless Users
      Hack 45.  Forward Ports over SSH
      Hack 46.  Proxy Web Traffic over SSH
      Hack 47.  Securely Connect Two Networks
      Hack 48.  Generate a Tunnel Configuration Automatically
      Hack 49.  Poll Wireless Clients
      Hack 50.  Interrogate the Network
      Hack 51.  Track Wireless Users
        Chapter 4.  Hardware Hacks
      Section 4.1.  Hacks 5262: Introduction
      Hack 52.  Add an External Antenna
      Hack 53.  Do-It-Yourself Access Point Hardware
      Hack 54.  Boot from a Compact Flash Hard Drive
      Hack 55.  Increase the Range of a PowerBook
      Hack 56.  Send Power over Your Ethernet
      Hack 57.  The NoCat Night Light
      Hack 58.  Upgrade the Linksys WET11
      Hack 59.  Scan for Wireless Networks Automatically
      Hack 60.  Backlight Your Zipit
      Hack 61.  Unwire Your Pistol Mouse
      Hack 62.  Mobilize Your WRT54G with the WiFiCar
        Chapter 5.  Software Hacks
      Section 5.1.  Hacks 6382: Introduction
      Hack 63.  Build Your Own Access Point with Linux
      Hack 64.  Bridge Your Linux AP
      Hack 65.  Protect Your Bridge with a Firewall
      Hack 66.  Filter MAC with HostAP and Madwifi
      Hack 67.  Upgrade Your Wireless Router
      Hack 68.  Set Up an OLSR Mesh Network
      Hack 69.  Extend Your Wireless Network with WDS
      Hack 70.  Pebble
      Hack 71.  Wall Off Your Wireless
      Hack 72.  Run Your Mac as an Access Point
      Hack 73.  Run Linux on the Zipit Wireless Messenger
      Hack 74.  Capture Wireless Users with NoCatAuth
      Hack 75.  Capture Wireless Users on a Small Scale
      Hack 76.  Build an Online Community in Your Offline Neighborhood
      Hack 77.  Manage Multiple AirPort Base Stations
      Hack 78.  Advertise Bonjour Services in Linux
      Hack 79.  Advertise Any Service with Bonjour in Mac OS X
      Hack 80.  Redirect "Brought to you by" Bonjour Ads
      Hack 81.  Use a Windows-Only Wireless Card in Linux
      Hack 82.  Use Your Orinoco Card with Hermes AP
        Chapter 6.  Do-It-Yourself Antennas
      Section 6.1.  Hacks 8393: Introduction
      Hack 83.  Make a Deep Dish Cylindrical Parabolic Reflector
      Hack 84.  Spider Omni Antenna
      Hack 85.  Pringles Can Waveguide
      Hack 86.  Pirouette Can Waveguide
      Hack 87.  Primestar Dish with Waveguide Feed
      Hack 88.  Primestar Dish with Biquad Feed
      Hack 89.  Cut a Cable Omni Antenna
      Hack 90.  Build a Slotted Waveguide Antenna
      Hack 91.  The Passive Repeater
      Hack 92.  Determine Your Antenna Gain
      Hack 93.  Build Cheap, Effective Roof Mounts
        Chapter 7.  Wireless Network Design
      Section 7.1.  Hacks 94100: Introduction
      Hack 94.  Analyze Elevation Profiles for Better Long-Range Wireless Networking
      Hack 95.  Build a Wireless Network for the Large House
      Hack 96.  Establish Line of Sight
      Hack 97.  Calculate the Link Budget
      Hack 98.  Align Antennas at Long Distances
      Hack 99.  Slow Down to Speed Up
      Hack 100.  Take Advantage of Antenna Polarization
        Appendix A.  Wireless Standards
      Section A.1.  802.11: The Mother of All IEEE Wireless Ethernet
      Section A.2.  802.11a: The Betamax of the 802.11 Family
      Section A.3.  802.11b: The De Facto Standard
      Section A.4.  802.11g: Like 802.11b, only Faster
      Section A.5.  802.16: WiMAX Long Distance Wireless Infrastructure
      Section A.6.  Bluetooth: Cable Replacement for Devices
      Section A.7.  900 MHz: Low Speed, Better Coverage
      Section A.8.  CDPD, 1xRTT, and GPRS: Cellular Data Networks
      Section A.9.  FRS and GMRS: Super Walkie-Talkies
      Section A.10.  802.1x: Port Security for Network Communications
      Section A.11.  WPA & 802.11i
      Section A.12.  BSS Versus IBSS
        Appendix B.  Wireless Hardware Guide
      Section B.1.  Microwave Cabling
      Section B.2.  Microwave Connector Reference
      Section B.3.  Antenna Guide
      Section B.4.  Pigtails
      Section B.5.  802.11 Hardware Suppliers