Device Hardening

This chapter covers the following topics:

  • Components of a Hardening Strategy
  • Network Devices
  • NIDS
  • Host Operating Systems
  • Applications
  • Appliance-Based Network Services
  • Rogue Device Detection

At the stumbling of a horse, the fall of a tile, the slightest pin prick, let us promptly chew on this: Well, what if it were death itself? And thereupon let us stiffen and fortify ourselves.

Michel de Montaigne, That to Philosophize Is to Learn to Die, 1580

There is no security for any of us unless there is security for all.

Howard Koch, Mission to Moscow, 1943

This chapter defines basic hardening strategies for the most common elements of a security system. Entire books have been written in detail about hardening each of these elements. At a bare minimum, extensive guides are available online to augment the information described here. Because this book is focused on the network portion of security, host security receives deliberately light coverage. Just the major topics are covered, with references provided for additional information. At the end of the chapter, a discussion on rogue device detection can be found.

Network Security Architectures
Network Security Architectures
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