Network Security Management Best Practices

Applied Knowledge Questions

The following questions are designed to test your knowledge of secure network management and network security management and sometimes build on knowledge found elsewhere in the book. You might find that a question has more than one possible answer. The answers provided in Appendix B are intended to reinforce concepts that you can apply in your own networking environment.


If you need to use Telnet in-band to manage routers, are there any other security techniques that can limit the damage done if an attacker is able to capture the packets of your session?


If you were operating an ultrasecure environment and were concerned about the possibility of PVLAN bypass in the OOB design, is there anything else you could do to add to the security?


Is it acceptable to run read-write SNMPv1 on your main corporate firewall?


Will NETOPS folks ever need to manage aspects of a device with principally security-related functions?


With the diversity of data that a Syslog server can receive, how is it possible for the device to deal with event ordering?

Network Security Architectures
Network Security Architectures
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