Environmental Controls

Heat can be damaging to computer equipment. That's why most data centers are kept at temperatures of around 70°F. Higher temperatures can reduce the useful life of electronic devices. Temperature should not be your only concern, though. High humidity can cause electronics to corrode, and low humidity increases the risk of static electricity. What might feel like only a small shock to us, can totally destroy electronic components. Grounding devices, such as antistatic wrist bands and antistatic flooring, can be used to reduce the possibility of damage.

Ventilation is also an important concern. Facilities should maintain positive pressurization and ventilation, to control contamination by pushing air outside. This is especially important in case of fires because it ensures that smoke will be pushed out instead of being pulled in the facility, making a bad condition even worse.

CISSP Exam Cram 2
CISSP Exam Cram 2
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