How to Prepare for the Exam

Preparing for the CISSP exam requires that you obtain and study materials designed to provide comprehensive information about security. The following list of materials will help you study and prepare:

  • The ISC2 website, at
  • The study guide available at the ISC2 website
  • The CISSP open study guide website, at

Many people form study groups to help them study for and master the material needed to pass the CISSP exam.

Practice Tests

You don't need to know much about practice tests, other than that they are a worthwhile expense for three reasons. First, they help you diagnose areas of weakness. Second, they are useful for getting used to the format of questions. Third, they help you to decide when you are ready to take the exam. This book contains questions at the end of each chapter and includes two full-length practice tests. However, if you still want more, a related Exam Cram 2 CISSP Practice Questions Exam book has more than 500 additional questions. The questions are in paper form so that you can practice in an environment similar to the real exam; they are also available electronically as a practice test CD in the back of the book. Many other companies provide CISSP certification practice tests as well.

CISSP Exam Cram 2
CISSP Exam Cram 2
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