Software Development

Web Service Patterns20031590590848
The Ultimate VB .NET and ASP.NET Code Book20031590591062
Developing Online Games. An Insiders Guide20031592730000
Test-Driven Development in Microsoft .NET20040735619484
How To Run Successful Projects III. The Silver Bullet20010201748061
Oracle Web Applications. PL.SQL Developers Intro. Developers Introduction19991565926870
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 Step by Step2004B003D3OG7E
Practical C++ Programming20031565923065
Elementary Game Programming and Simulators Using Jamagic20021584502614
Sams Teach Yourself All In One20030672326183
Java Servlet & JSP Cookbook20040596005725
Foundation ActionScript. Animation. Making Things Move20051590597915
Software Development for Small Teams. A RUP-Centric Approach20030321199502
Practical RDF20030596002637
Learning XML20030596004206
COBOL and Visual Basic on .NET20031590590481
Programming Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange 200320030735614644
Programming Microsoft Infopath. A Developers Guide20061584504536
Real World Microsoft Access Database Protection and Security20031590591267
Open Source Licensing. Software Freedom and Intellectual Property Law20040131487876
Open Source Network Administration2002130462101
Agility and Discipline Made Easy(c) Practices from OpenUP and RUP20060321321308
The Rational Unified Process. An Introduction19980321197704
Use Cases. Requirements in Context20020321154983
Interpreting the CMMI(c) A Process Improvement Approach2005142006052X
ATL Server. High Performance C++ on. NET2002B006Z372QQ
Real World. NET Applications 20051590590821
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