New Features of Acrobat 7.0

The latest version of Acrobat, version 7.0, is a significant upgrade with a lot of enhancements and new features. The online help contains a comprehensive list of new features, so there is no need to list them all here, but here are our 10 favorite new features:

  • Acrobat Designer The ability to design and create a PDF form completely within an Acrobat product is a huge step forward and one the Acrobat community has been waiting for for a long time. Designer is included with Acrobat Professional or is available as a standalone product. It is currently available only for Windows .

  • Document review with Reader With Reader 7.0, document review is not limited only to those who own Acrobat itself. Reader 7.0 now has the capability to add comments to PDF files specially prepared with Acrobat 7 Professional.

  • Organizer Building on the popularity of Adobe's improved file management features in its graphic design products, Acrobat now sports a new Organizer feature that lets you easily locate and manage all the PDF files on your hard drive.

    The Organizer window shows recent PDF documents.

  • Improved performance Adobe customers complained loud and long about Acrobat 6.0's startup times ( especially on the Macintosh) and overall performance speed. Well, Adobe listened and Acrobat is noticeably faster overall and remarkably fast on startup.

  • Better headers and footers Headers and footers (as well as backgrounds and watermarks) are easier to create and modify, as well as printing more reliably, than in previous versions.

  • Technical tools and features Acrobat 7.0 makes it easier than ever for engineers and other technical professionals to create PDFs from their primary applications; it also offers measurement tools and technical commenting tools.

  • Attachments Attached files can be added more easily, as well as now being editable and searchable. Attached files are also automatically moved along with the PDF, and descriptions of each attached file appear in the new Attachment tab in the navigation pane.

  • Improved text comments You can now add text-based comments using a simple text-editing metaphor instead of having to enter and view all comments in pop-up windows. Text comments and edits can also be exported directly to the most recent versions of Microsoft Word on Windows.

  • Improved preflighting Acrobat's preflighting capabilities have been updated with enhanced output preview, password-protected profiles, printer marks, PDF/X compliance, and color separation previewing.

  • Improved accessibility The new Accessibility Setup Assistant makes it easier than ever to create documents for vision- and motion-impaired users. Preferences and shortcuts also make navigation easier for all users.

Adobe Acrobat 7 in a Snap
Adobe Acrobat 7 in a Snap
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