Chapter 7: Specifying the Inputs to Warehouse Data Stores

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Sources: Inputs to Warehouse Data Stores

In general, a source is an input to an operation. In a SAS ETL Studio job, a source is a data store from which information will be extracted, transformed, and loaded into a target—a data store in a data warehouse or data mart.

After you complete the tasks that are described in "Preliminary Tasks for Users" on page 56, you can specify the sources that will be used in a SAS ETL Studio job. Your project plan should identify the data sources that are required for a particular job. For example, the sources that are required to answer specific business questions in the Orion Star Sports & Outdoors project are listed under each business question. See the Identifying Sources section under each business question in Chapter 4, "Example Data Warehouse," on page 27.

Use the examples in this chapter, together with general methods that are described in "Specifying Metadata for Sources and Targets" on page 60, to specify metadata for the sources that will be used in a SAS ETL Studio job.

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