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Chapter 2: Introduction to SAS ETL Studio

Figure 2.1: SAS Intelligence Value Chain
Figure 2.2: Software Architecture for the SAS Intelligence Platform
Display 2.1: Open a Metadata Profile Window
Display 2.2: SAS ETL Studio Desktop
Display 2.3: Process Designer Window
Display 2.4: Source Editor Window
Display 2.5: Options Window

Chapter 3: Designing a Data Warehouse

Figure 3.1: Best Practice Data Warehouse

Chapter 4: Example Data Warehouse

Display 4.1: Total Sales by Employee (mockup)
Display 4.2: The STAFF Table
Display 4.3: The ORGANIZATION Table
Display 4.4: The ORDERS Table
Display 4.5: The ORDER_ITEM Table
Display 4.6: The CUSTOMER Table
Display 4.7: Time and Place Dependencies for Sales

Chapter 6: Task Overview for Users

Display 6.1: Process Flow for a SAS ETL Studio Job

Chapter 7: Specifying the Inputs to Warehouse Data Stores

Display 7.1: Source Designer Selection Window
Display 7.2: Select a SAS Library Window
Display 7.3: Define Tables Window
Display 7.4: Wizard Finish Window
Display 7.5: Project Tree with Metadata Objects for Three Tables
Display 7.6: Source Designer Selection Window
Display 7.7: External File Selection Window
Display 7.8: Import Parameters Window
Display 7.9: Fixed Width Column Definition Window
Display 7.10: Set Column Definition Window
Display 7.11: SAS Destination Window
Display 7.12: Project Tree with Output from the External File Source Designer

Chapter 8: Specifying Warehouse Data Stores

Display 8.1: Target Designer Selection Window
Display 8.2: Name and Description Window
Display 8.3: Import Columns Window
Display 8.4: Target Columns Window
Display 8.5: Physical Storage Window
Display 8.6: Finish Window
Display 8.7: Project Tree with a Metadata Object for a New Table

Chapter 9: Introduction to SAS ETL Studio Jobs

Display 9.1: Simple Process Flow Diagram
Display 9.2: New Job Wizard
Display 9.3: New Job Wizard, Second Window
Display 9.4: Transformation Template for Sort Staff Job
Display 9.5: Process Designer Window
Display 9.6: Source Editor Tab
Display 9.7: Process Library Tree
Display 9.8: SAS Sort Transformation Template
Display 9.9: Job Properties Window
Display 9.10: Table Properties Window
Display 9.11: Transformation Properties Window
Display 9.12: General Information Window, Transformation Generator Wizard
Display 9.13: Contents of Data Set TigersHitting2002
Display 9.14: Example Hitting Statistics Report
Display 9.15: First Window in the Transformation Generator Wizard
Display 9.16: SAS Code Window
Display 9.17: SAS Code Options Window
Display 9.18: Transform Options Window
Display 9.19: Process Library Tree With User-Defined Transformation Template

Chapter 10: Loading Warehouse Data Stores

Display 10.1: The New SQL Join Transformation in the New Job
Display 10.2: Sources and Targets in the Example Job
Display 10.3: Example Job with Publish to Archive
Display 10.4: Target Table Used as the Source for Publish to Archive
Display 10.5: SUM Statement in the Expression Builder
Display 10.6: Mapping Source Columns in the SQL Join Transformation
Display 10.7: SQL Code Configured Automatically
Display 10.8: Configured Target Columns
Display 10.9: Column Mapping in the Loader
Display 10.10: Options in the Publish to Archive Transformation
Display 10.11: Log Tab with Text from the Example Job
Display 10.12: Viewing the Target
Display 10.13: HTML Report Generated by the Example Job
Display 10.14: Transformations Added to the Job
Display 10.15: Data in the STAFF Source Table
Display 10.16: Data in the ORGANIZATION Source Table
Display 10.17: Fully Populated Job
Display 10.18: Configured Columns in ORGANIZATION_DIM
Display 10.19: Configured Target Table ORGANIZATION_DIM
Display 10.20: Change Tracking Columns in the SCD Type 2 Loader
Display 10.21: Business Key Specified in the SCD Type 2 Loader
Display 10.22: Generated Key Definition in the SCD Type 2 Loader
Display 10.23: Mapped Columns in the SCD Type 2 Loader
Display 10.24: Data in ORGANIZATION_DIM
Display 10.25: Example Hitting Report
Display 10.26: Contents of Table: TigersHitting2002
Display 10.27: PrintHittingStatistics Template, Unpopulated
Display 10.28: PrintHittingStatistics Template, Populated
Display 10.29: Options Tab, PrintHittingStatistics Properties Window
Display 10.30: Column Options Tab, PrintHittingStatistics Properties Window
Display 10.31: Log Tab with Text from the Example Job

Chapter 11: Creating Cubes

Display 11.1: Target Designer Selection Window

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