DBLOAD Procedure

The DBLOAD procedure enables you to create and load data into a DBMS table from a SAS data set, data file, data view, or another DBMS table, or to append rows to an existing table. It also enables you to submit non-query DBMS-specific SQL statements to the DBMS from your SAS session.

Note: If a dynamic LIBNAME engine is available for your DBMS, it is recommended that you use the SAS/ACCESS LIBNAME statement to create your DBMS data instead of the DBLOAD procedure; however, DBLOAD continues to work in SAS software if it was available for your DBMS in Version 6. Some new SAS features, such as long variable names , are not supported when you use the DBLOAD procedure.

The following example appends data from a previously created SAS data set named INVDATA into a table in an ORACLE database named INVOICE:

 proc dbload dbms=oracle data=invdata append;    user=smith;    password=secret;    path='myoracleserver';    table=invoice;    load;  run; 

See the SAS/ACCESS documentation for your DBMS for more detailed information about the DBLOAD procedure.

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