Chapter 3. ClientServer Interaction, UI Components, and RecordSets

Chapter 3. Client/Server Interaction, UI Components , and RecordSets

The most important aspect of building any application ”and especially a web application ”is to create a comfortable user experience. If the user is bored, frustrated, or uninterested, she will go elsewhere and probably never return. A good Flash movie can hold a user's attention, but the way in which the user interacts with the web application makes the difference between an application that is usable and one that just looks nice.

One of Flash Remoting's prime uses is to create a user interface that does one of several things:

  • Allow the user to search a remote site or database

  • Display information to a user

  • Collect information from a user

  • Allow interaction with remote databases or programs

Flash components make it easy to create user interfaces, and Flash Remoting adds features that allow easy connection to databases and other programs.

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