Chapter 13: Examples of Moving SAS Files

The Examples of Moving SAS Files

Overview to Examples of Moving SAS Files

This chapter gives detailed examples that show how to create, transfer, and restore transport files between two operating environments. Table 13.1 on page 84 describes the basic characteristics of each example:

Table 13.1: Summary of the Examples

Members to Move

From Source Machine and SAS Version

To Target Machine and SAS Version

Using Strategy

Data sets

OpenVMS Alpha 6.12


XPORT engine with PROC COPY

Data sets and catalogs

z/OS 6.09

Windows 8


Data sets

JCL Batch z/OS 6.09


XPORT engine with PROC COPY

Although the examples are operating environment-specific , the fundamental SAS command syntax for all transport methods is identical across operating environment types. The noteworthy syntax difference among operating environment types is how you specify the SAS data library name in the LIBNAME statement. For complete details about the syntax for the LIBNAME statement, see your operating environment companion documentation.

Moving and Accessing SAS 9.1 Files
Moving And Accessing SAS 9.1 Files
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