List of Tables

Chapter 3: Security Standards

Table 1: Administrative Safeguards
Table 2: Physical Safeguards
Table 3: Technical Safeguards

Chapter 6: Gap Analysis

Table 4: Information Audit Checklist
Table 5: Sources for Development of HIPAA Security Assessment Tool
Table 6: Security Policy and Procedure Review Matrix
Table 7: Definition of Remediation Options & WBS Activities
Table 8: Result Summary Presentation Section 164.308(a)(7): Contingency Planning Requirement: This section requires a routinely updated plan for responding to emergencies or other conditions that can involve or damage health information systems.
Table 9: Remediation Findings/Work Breakdown Structure Elements Relative to HIPAA Security Rule

Chapter 10: Risk Analysis and Risk Management

Table 10: Qualitative Risk Assessment Ratings
Table 11: Likelihood of Threat
Table 12: Sample Risk Statements
Table 13: Risk Determination Table
Table 14: Threat Frequencies

Chapter 11: Administrative and Documentation Safeguards

Table 15: Administrative and Documentation Safeguards

Chapter 13: Technical Safeguards

Table 16: Examples of encryption schemes and key exchange:

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HIPAA Security Implementation, Version 1.0
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