Using the MOVE Option

If you use the MOVE option with PROC MIGRATE, the validation tools can only produce validation output for the members that were migrated . The MOVE option deletes the source library once it has been moved to the target library. You cannot use the %CHECKEM wrapper macro or any of the memtype comparison macros unless the source files remain in the source library after the migration. This significantly limits the validation tools.

  1. Submit the tool into the interactive SAS session to compile the needed macros.

  2. Copy the tool into the interactive SAS session and revise the three libnames.

  3. Submit:

  4. Submit:

     proc migrate in=lib1 out=lib2 move; run; 
  5. Then, submit the following:

     %mig_in_lib(lib=lib1, after=y);  %mig_in_lib(lib=lib2);  %mig_indexes(lib=LIB2);  ****must be upper case;  %mig_check_libs;  %mig_check_source(move=Y); 

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