Chapter26.Adding and Modifying Data

Chapter 26. Adding and Modifying Data


  • Creating the Web Store New User Registration Page Using ASP, ColdFusion, or PHP

  • Creating the My Account Page Using ASP, ColdFusion, or PHP

  • Building the Web Store New User Registration Page Using ASP.NET

  • Creating the My Account Page Using ASP.NET

  • Using Application Objects to Create an Admin Page

One of the primary purposes for developing a dynamic web application is not only to be able to view live data from your database, but also to modify, add, or delete the data within it. The last chapter exposed you to a key component of web application development: dynamic data. Unfortunately, that knowledge can take you only as far as being able to physically modifying the database when changes need to be made. To truly appreciate the power behind a fully dynamic application is to develop that application so that content constantly changes based on user or administrator input. This chapter focuses on creating forms in Dreamweaver that modify, add, or delete items in the database.

Like the rest of the chapters in this book, you can work with the examples in this chapter by downloading the files from You'll want to save the files for Chapter 26 (not the folder) in the C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\Dorknozzle<technology> directory, where <technology> represents the server technology (ASP, ASPX, CFM, PHP) you plan to use. Of course, make sure that your site is also properly defined within Dreamweaver, including the appropriate server-side technology you plan to use in the Testing Server category.

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