Roundtrip Flash Editing

In the course of this book, you've learned that the Properties Inspector integrates an Edit button when you're working with certain file types such as images. When the image is selected, you can click the Edit button to launch the respective editor and open the original version of the image, allowing you to make edits. When you finish making the edits, you can click Done to see the results within Dreamweaver. This process, known as roundtrip editing, is also available for Flash movies. Of course, this feature relies on the original FLA/MOV file being present as well as Macromedia's Flash being installed on your computer.

To work with roundtrip Flash editing, follow these steps:


Open the index.htm file located in the root of the defined Dorknozzle site.


Select the movie.swf Flash movie and click the Edit button in the Properties Inspector.


Dreamweaver opens Flash and attempts to automatically open the selected movie's source FLA/MOV file. If it can't open the original file automatically, it prompts you for the location of the original file.


After the original movie opens in Flash, the Flash Document window indicates that you're editing a movie from Dreamweaver. Make your changes to the movie.


When you finish making your edits, click the Done button. Flash saves your changes to the source FLA/MOV file, updates the SWF file, minimizes Flash, and then changes focus back to Dreamweaver.

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