Design Corner: Rehearsing for a Live Broadcast

Conducting your first live presentation broadcast can be both exciting and unnerving. To ensure that everything goes well, you should first record, save, and replay your broadcast several times, perfecting both your technical understanding of the process and your actual delivery. This also gives you a chance to hear or see yourself present, as well as let others critique your recorded broadcast. To record and play back your presentation, follow the steps outlined in the section "Recording and Saving a Broadcast" in this chapter. When you replay it, first verify that everything is working correctly ”you can access the broadcast and see it clearly, the sound is audible, and the video quality is crisp. Then take a second look for content, aesthetics, and pacing. Does your presentation still look good as a broadcast? Do your words adequately convey your message? Are you speaking too quickly or too slowly? Do you look professional and at ease in the video window? Undoubtedly, you'll find things you want to change. Go ahead and make improvements, recording and replaying your presentation again and again if you need to.

Special Edition Using Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003
Special Edition Using Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003
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