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Master boot record (MBR)

The first sector on a hard disk where the computer gets its startup information. The MBR contains the partition table for the computer and a small program called the master boot code.

Media access control (MAC) address

A unique 48-bit number assigned to network interface cards by the manufacturer. MAC addresses are used for mapping in TCP/IP network communication.

Media pool

A logical collection of removable media sharing the same management policies.

Member server

A server that is part of a domain but is not a domain controller. Member servers can be dedicated to managing files or printer services or other functions. A member server doesn’t verify logons or maintain a security database.


1. Two partitions on two hard disks configured so that each will contain identical data to the other. If one disk fails, the other contains the data, and processing can continue. 2. Web site that is a replica of an already existing site, used to reduce network traffic or improve the availability of the original site.


To make a physical disk or tape accessible to a computer’s file system.


Simultaneously sending a message to more than one destination on a network. Multicasting is distinguished from broadcasting in that multicasting sends to only selected recipients.

Multilink dialing

Combining two or more physical communication links into a single logical link to increase available bandwidth.


The simultaneous processing of several threads inside the same program. Because several threads can be processed in parallel, one thread doesn’t have to finish before another one can start. See thread.

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