Chapter 17: Customizing a SharePoint Web Site

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Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003 automatically creates a Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services Web site (http://companyweb) during installation. This Web site provides a central location for employees to collaborate and share information. Consider it a bulletin board, digitized and turbo-boosted.

You don’t need to do anything special to get started using Windows SharePoint Services, and many companies should experiment with Windows SharePoint Services to discover its usefulness before spending a significant amount of time customizing it. By default, all domain users are given Web Designer privileges, which let them view the site, upload information, and change the design of the site. The site is accessible from the internal network and also from the Internet via the Remote Web Workplace (which requires a secure logon), if you enabled this when configuring your Internet connection.

This chapter gives you an overview of the default Windows SharePoint Services Web site, and then shows you how to edit, manage, and customize the site using Microsoft FrontPage 2003. For more sophisticated design work, you’ll probably want to hire a professional Web developer.


Windows SharePoint Services is an update and revision to Microsoft SharePoint Team Services version 1.0. Windows SharePoint Services, or SharePoint, is an outgrowth of the Microsoft Office Server Extensions, which are themselves a superset of the Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions.

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