Adding a Playlist to Your iPod Without iTunes

Christopher planned on using his Birthday Party playlist from iTunes on his iPod. But as the girls painted and talked, they wanted to hear other songs from the iPod that weren't on the Birthday Party playlist. The iPod makes it easy to add any song on the device to a playlist, even without a Mac or iTunes nearby.

With iPod in hand, scroll to the bottom of the Playlists screen and you'll find a playlist that you didn't create: the On-The-Go playlist.


Select a song. (You could also select every song by an artist, a whole playlist, or an album.)


Hold down the round Select button in the middle of the iPod dial until the selected item flashes for a moment.

When the flashing stops, the item has been added to your On-The-Go playlist.


Repeat steps 1 and 2 for any other songs, artists, playlists, and albums you want to add.


When you're ready to play your selections, select the On-The-Go playlist.

In the On-The-Go screen, you'll see a list of songs you've added to the list in the order in which you added them. (The songsor itemsyou selected first will appear at the top of the list.)


Press Select to begin playing the playlist.


You get only one On-The-Go playlist. You can't remove a song, but you can clear the entire list and start again. To clear the On-The-Go playlist, scroll to the bottom of the playlist and select Clear Playlist.

In the resulting Clear screen, select Clear Playlist again, confirming that you really do want to wipe that playlist clean.

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