Organizing Your Sources Into Folders

In no time at all, the sources in iPhoto start filling up the Source list and become increasingly difficult to sort through. It only gets worse as you create slideshows and books, as you'll begin to do in the next lesson. Now is the time to learn how to organize your sources.

In many ways iLife is structured like the Mac OS itself, with sources in the left column and content details in the large window to the right. Conveniently, iPhoto gives you the opportunity to arrange your sources into folders for easy organization.

For now, create three folders, one for each of our personas.


Choose File > New Folder.

This adds an untitled folder to your Source list.


Change the folder name to Biz Owner.


Go to the Source list and drag all the source material that belongs to Jennifer into this folder.

This includes the Sgraffito and Company Press albums as well as the Smart Album called Cool Pieces.


Go ahead and make folders for the student and the dad as well. Add the appropriate albums to the appropriate folders.

You'll use these folders for organizing new work in upcoming lessons.

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