Installing Firefox with the Setup Wizard

On Windows, the Firefox Setup Wizard walks you through the installation process. (The procedure on a Macintosh is a simple drag-and-drop operation as described in the previous section.)

  1. The first screen of the Setup Wizard welcomes you to Firefox. Click Next to continue to the End-User Software License Agreement.

  2. Select "I Accept the Terms of the License Agreement" and click Next.


    You'll probably just skip past End-User Software License Agreement without reading the actual text, but it's worth a read if you enjoy the fine language of legalese. The Software License Agreement tells you, among other things, that you can use Firefox free of charge, but if something goes wrong, the Mozilla Foundation isn't legally liable. Of course, in that unlikely situation, we're here to help.

  3. The Setup Type screen appears, allowing you to select either a Standard or Custom setup. If you have no preference where Firefox installs and don't need advanced tools, just accept the Standard option and click Next.

    The Custom option allows you to choose:

    • Where Firefox gets installed on your computer. For example, maybe you have several hard drives and you don't want Firefox setting up shop on the C drive.

    • Whether Firefox installs advanced tools, like the Document Inspector for analyzing Web site code. These tools are for advanced users.

    • Where Firefox should put its flashy, foxy icons. This option is available in case you don't like clutter on your Desktop or in your Start menu.

    The Summary screen confirms what you've decided to install and where it will be installed.

  4. Click Next to begin installation.

    The Install Complete screen appears when Firefox is installed.

  5. Click Finish to launch Firefox.

    By default, the Firefox Home Page is Firefox Start, which offers fast access to Google Search. If you've installed Firefox before and would rather keep your old home page, deselect the Use Firefox Start as My Home Page check box.

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