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What happens if I use a font in a dynamic text field that is not on the end user 's machine?


Flash will adapt as best it can, but you want to avoid this. You can embed fonts in your Flash movie. You should do so in any well-designed movie. Then only use these fonts in your text fields.


Why does a dynamic text field have both a name and a variable name ?


The variable name is its link to an ActionScript variable. The regular name of the field is used for other references, such as text formatting. Think of the regular name as a reference to the whole text object, whereas the variable name is just a reference to the text in the object.


How can I include characters such as ? and & in my variable declarations in the URL and external text files?


You need to use escape character sequences, which are often used in HTML to represent difficult characters. For instance, %3F is a question mark, %3D is an equals symbol, and %26 is an ampersand. You can find a list of these if you search the Web.


Is there any other way, besides attachMovie , to create a new movie clip?


Yes. You can use duplicateMovieClip to make a copy of a movie clip instance that is already on the screen.

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