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Creates a new MBR on a hard drive. The MBR is the first sector on a hard drive. A small program on the MBR contains information about the partitions, indicating which one is bootable, in case there are more than one.


Type FIXMBR. This will create a new MBR on the existing boot disk drive. To select another drive, enter the device name after FIXMBR. Run the MAP command to find the device name. For example, to replace the MBR on the first drive on the system, you can type:

FIXMBR \Device\HardDisk\0


  • Use FIXMBR with caution. Never run FIXMBR unless you are having trouble accessing the drive or trouble booting the computer and you cannot determine another reason. In certain cases, you can damage your partition. It is recommended not to use FIXMBR unless directed to do so by Microsoft support personnel or unless you are well versed in its use.

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