Chapter 12: Scripting with Microsoft ISA Server 2004


Microsoft ISA Server 2004 supports programmatic administration using Component Object Model (COM) objects, and the management console is extensible. This chapter doesn't assume any scripting familiarity and guides you through the creation of some scripts that can be used with ISA Server 2004. We focus on the following subjects:

  • Scripting essentials An introduction to scripting with ISA Server 2004

  • Preparing your environment How to create a safe environment in which to develop scripts

  • ShowBasicInfo1.vbs How to create a script showing basic information about your local ISA server

  • ShowBasicInfo2.vbs How to create another script that shows the information using different commands

  • AddComputer.vbs How to create a computer object

  • CreateHTTPAllowRule.vbs How to write a script that creates a Firewall Policy access rule

  • ExportServers.vbs How to create a script that writes all Microsoft Windows Server 2003 servers to a text file

  • ImportServers.vbs How to create a script that reads from a list of servers in a text file, and builds computer objects for each system

  • Next steps How to find more information on script creation and usage in the ISA Server SDK


Do not run any scripts in your production environment unless you know exactly what changes they will make and how to support them.

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